The career of Hamid Askari could well be definitely finished. According to the News blog of Iran’s World , the local star was to have been banned by the ministry of Culture and islamic Guidance, any musical activity until further order. At his concert in the great hall of the tower Milad in Tehran, the pop singer gave his microphone to his guitarist Negin Parsa while singing solo is illegal for women in Iran.

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In a video that has become viral on the web of iran, one can see Hamid Askari qualify her guitarist,”one of the best musicians of the group” adding that it was “with a lovely voice.” His performance was hailed by the public but has evidently not appealed to religious conservatives.

according to the blog of the World , several sites fundamentalists as Mashregh and Young Journalists Club have put pressure on the ministry of Culture and islamic Guidance for penalties to be taken. The activities of the singer have been suspended, without a term being specified.

In 2016, the director Ayat Najafi released a documentary entitled No land’s song to denounce state censorship that is rampant in his country. He films his sister, the composer Sara Najafi, who is fighting to organize a concert of women in his country. The film was not allowed in Iran. In 2007, the feature-length animated film Persepolis traced under the gaze of the co-director and expatriate Marjane Satrapi, the fall of the regime of the Shah. It shows how the establishment of the islamic Republic led to a restriction of the rights of women.