So that was this Sunday, the Day dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, the blunder committed by a star of the thai song has made spot. Pichayapa “Namsai” Natha, 19 years old, a member of the pop group, BNK48, has brought this on Friday, during a repeat broadcast on television, a tee-shirt with the motif of the flag nazi military. Such a symbol sported by a female singer one of the largest media groups of the country immediately reacted to the israeli embassy. Smadar Shapira, the deputy chief of mission of the embassy has expressed on Twitter his “astonishment” and “dismay”. Georg Schmidt, the German ambassador to Thailand, was also said to be “appalled”.

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The fashion choices of Pichayapa “Namsai” Natha, which is part of the 51 singers of the group BNK48, was not malicious. Saturday night, the artist became confused excuses, crying on stage, facing his audience. On Facebook, she then reiterated her apology, putting “error” on the account of ignorance. “We have, inadvertently, caused the amazement and the disarray among those who have been affected by this crime against humanity”, could we read on the page of the group.

Of its own leader, the singer and the director of BNK48 visited on Sunday 27 January on the premises of the israeli embassy to speak with ambassador Meir Schlomo and “apologise personally”. It was agreed that the singers of the group will participate in an “educational activity” in order to make it more sensitive to the Thais about the Holocaust.

A teaching of history failed

messages of apology sent to the diplomatic representation of israel flocked to the social networks. The controversy has given rise to heated discussions. A lot of internet users in thailand have denounced the weakness of the school system, criticized the teaching for its ethnocentrism and its shortcomings.

The clothes with portraits of Hitler or swastikas are relatively frequent in Thailand, less in sympathy nazi that due to lack of historical references. This is not the first time that a reference made to Hitler caused a scandal in Thailand.

In 2011, the students marched in uniform nazis for during a parade whose theme was the Third Reich. Two years later, in a prestigious university in Bangkok, students have displayed, with the blessing of the administration, a banner representing Hitler in the middle of superhero comics.