A psychologist told how to relax in the country, if I broke a holiday at the sea

Pandemic coronavirus affected the holiday plans of many Russians. The borders of some countries is still closed, airlines canceled flights, but one of the most affordable types of recreation remain of the cottage.

there is No universal best option of stay in the country, but some features are worth to use. About it the correspondent “of Rosbalt” was told by the psychologist Alla Kolosova.

According to her, the main thing when going out of the city — state of inner peace.

“If you have fears, fear for the future, it is consciously or unconsciously reflected in you and is projected to close. Therefore, it is important to understand that you are concerned, why, how to get out of it, that is an internal reflection. If you have a complicated situation, then you should afford to think about it later: after a week or after the holiday. There is a jargon: not to worry. It is however, not ahead of time,” said Kolosova.

She added that only the internal comfort will allow you to get pleasure from rest. The format is country home is to consider in advance.

“You understand that the destruction of expectations comes disappointment, it’s very scary. So make a plan, discuss it with loved ones, exchange of views, a kind of family brainstorming who and what I wanted most. You need to Wake up to the idea of what you want to do today and next days, then vacation get comfortable,” — said the psychologist.

As she noted, the universal advice can not be, everyone has their own goals. While held at the cottage to escape from the dynamic life in the city and to get new experience, says Kolosova.

“This is fresh air, and nature, and the opportunity to do gardening, to watch your loved ones. Action, of course, will not be, but is not necessarily,” said Kolosova.

She recalled that many people stay with water, so it pays to make PRogulu, even far from water. Don’t forget about cooperative games for different age groups related to the work of the imagination that will unite family and friends.

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