A psychologist told how to spend a vacation, so he did not end the neurosis

the Inability to relax on vacation and the habit of solving business issues on vacation is fraught with the development of neurosis and depression.

In this regard, psychologist at family center “Kutuzovskiy” of the Moscow Department of labour and social protection of the population Lyudmila Tkachenko urged Russians on vacation not to check email and don’t answer the phone colleagues.

“During the holidays do not talk about work. Decide all the important things before leaving on vacation,” — said Tkachenko, reports the Agency “Moscow”. The specialist also recommends that you make a list of things that you can finish during weekdays, and not to wait for the weekend or vacation.

the Psychologist also warned about the risk of the development of neuroses due to the hyperactive pace of life on holiday associated with work. “Your vacation will be wonderful, if at the time you schedule you will not forget about your well-being, positive emotions and good mood”, — said the expert.

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