A resident of Norilsk with bilateral pneumonia can't achieve hospitalization

Employee “norilsknikelremont” Alexey Vladimirov can not get admission in spite of double pneumonia. As the man told the correspondent of “Rosbalt”, the disease lasts from June 11. “I have bilateral pneumonia. It showed the result of computer tomography (CT). Hospitalization I refused, saying that the hospital hammered “kolenkami”. And I have so far, the coronavirus has not been confirmed — on June 20 took the test COVID-19, and the result will be known at the end of the week. If confirmed coronavirus, I hospitalitynet, and now my wife, because she’s sick, too, I suppose. Up to this point I will be at home. Said that there is no difference in treatment no: home or in the hospital — the same shots, the same drugs…” — said Alexey Vladimirov. In the beginning of the disease he had fever, cough, shortness of breath. “On June 14 the first time I came “ambulance”. Then I refused from the hospital, even though I asked. Through the day I realized that things are bad. Again tried to call an ambulance, say: let us to the hospital. But here in the ambulance said absolutely not, we have a situation breath-taking, infectious hospitals are overcrowded, seek new areas under “infectionsi”. Due to the rising temperature hospitalitynet. After that I did another attempt: in a week, 20 Jun, me “soon” took in “infection”. I remained there from two o’clock until five in the morning, while I accepted and said: you look lovely, and we put only heavy. Say: there is no space, heavy patients lie in the corridors. And sent me home — said Vladimirov. — Today was the third attempt to go to the hospital. I thought that if there is a confirmed diagnosis — after all, I had a CT scan, something I hospitalitynet. But I said I’m sorry, that can be treated at home.” In the territorial Department of the Ministry of health of the Krasnoyarsk region Norilsk was unable to immediately comment on the situation. Earlier, the head of the territorial Department Koba Kavteladze recognized that the number of cases is increasing. On 1 June the number of officially registered patients with coronavirus infection was 91, and by June 20 had reached 258. Some patients treated at home. According to Coba Kavteladze, in Norilsk just four inpatient medical facilities, so the problem rested in the lack of space. The number of patients increases, including due to a sharp increase in the number of cases of community-acquired pneumonia. “It’s those people that require hospitalization, but they have the status of infected with the coronavirus has not been confirmed,” said the official. Meanwhile, the President of the “League of defenders of patients”, expert RAS Saversky Alexander notes that patients should not be afraid and to panic due to the fact that they were not hospitalized. According to experts, admission to a hospital can sometimes be even worse sick. “The indications for hospitalization are determined by the doctors. It is no secret that pneumonia is treated at home. Of course, it all depends on the condition of man, as far as the affected area of the lungs. But I must notice that sometimes they will be at home, and you should not get into the infectious focus. If a person has pneumonia for one reason, and he will come to “davidow”, there is another infection to join, and it will be worse. What we now have in Russia, largely due to the fact that of the patients with ORVI and a pneumonia, were brought to hospitals, which haven’t made”, — said Alexander Saversky, the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

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