The fear detects the autopsy? Bernard Channing, a British 77 years of age, was found dead, Tuesday evening, in a room of cinema in the thai city of Pattaya, where he went on vacation. That day, he had come to view it Annabelle: The house of evil , a horror film american, tells the tabloid british Daily Mail . The reasons of his death are not yet known.

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the body of The pensioner, a resident of Nottinghamshire, was found at the end of the projection, once the lights switched back on. A woman, seated next to him, realized that he was not moving. “Deeply shocked”, she exclaimed with a loud cry before the staff of the cinema it comes.

Employees and spectators waited for the arrival of relief. “They were upset by what had happened,” says a witness to the tabloid. It was 20 hours when the ambulance arrived on the scene. An autopsy is being performed on the body of the old man. “But we do not believe that it is necessary to suspect someone”, have informed the police thai.

Annabelle : the house of evil [VOST] [trailer]

seaside Resort where the tourists like to come to party, Pattaya is experiencing dramas regularly grabbed headlines local. In December 2018, a police officer in the thai civilian has killed a French tourist, two bullets in the back after a quarrel around a woman. Three months later, a baby was found dead by fishermen. His father, a Jordanian of 52 years, had deceived the attention of his wife to throw the child to the sea. Arrested by the police of the kingdom, it is now in danger of the death penalty.