First obstacle on the road to the look-alike vocal de Johnny Hallyday. The winner of the show France has an incredible talent due to his tone of voice so special, the singer share this summer on the roads of france for a tribute show entitled The way of Johnny . The only downside, and not least, the historic producer of the rock star has not enjoyed the tour poster. Jean-Claude Camus has even dropped the word “shameful”. An opinion that he did not hesitate to share it on Instagram.

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“I want to respect all of the past and the whole universe of Johnny that he represents”.

Christophe Porquet

Asked by LCI the manager of the Breton, Christophe Porquet, has not hidden his astonishment, : “It’s surprising because we’ve met Jean-Claude Camus with Jean-Baptiste a few months ago. It was absolutely ‘charming and delightful’, it was his words,” he advised, before adding, not without sarcasm: “maybe he wanted to send an SMS to a member of his family, and that he was in error on social networks? I think that we are dealing with an old man… And I want to respect all of the past and the whole universe of Johnny that he represents”.

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Christophe Porquet still provides that no member of the entourage of Jean-Philippe Smet has not made the slightest remark about the poster or the title of the show, not even Laeticia Hallyday, however be very careful when referring to the musical legacy of her late husband. “If there was a need to ban anything, we would be warned. But, we have never received any letter, any mail from the lawyer,” he added.

Jean-Baptiste Guegan has not responded to these allegations. He surely has other interests, with the release of his single Back there , recorded in Nashville, the legendary venue of rock legend, with 12 songs written by Michel Mallory, faithful lyricist Johnny Hallyday.

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