archaeologists have discovered in the north of Peru, a shrine dating back over a thousand years, where were the bodies of 18 humans, of whom six women with offerings of llamas, on Thursday announced the release of peru. He was there for more than a millennium.

A pregnant ceremonial, in the shape of a “D”, was brought to light in Peru, in the sanctuary of Santa Rosa. Built between the years 800 and 900 of our era, the latter is located in the province of Chiclayo, in the region of Lambayeque (north-east), according to the head of the research team, Edgar Bracamonte, quoted Thursday by the official agency Andina.

“This discovery is related to the architecture, ceremonial, and political culture Huari, or Wari (600 to 1200), originally from the andean region of Ayacucho, which extended from the coast up to the forest of Cusco”, explained the archaeologist.

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The sanctuary is built of adobes, mud-brick related between them with mud. There was inside and outside of the sanctuary 18 bodies buried – six women and twelve men – who seem to have been sacrificed, according to Mr. Bracamonte.

remains from the end of civilization Huari

“By the way in which they were buried, the remains found correspond to the final period of the civilization Huari in the north”, still according to the researcher. According to him, one of the bodies was found decapitated and her hands tied, is assumed to belong to a community of another culture.

The researchers also discovered offerings of llamas, metal objects, protects the ear, wooden, spoons, spikes of obsidian (volcanic rock) and minerals of the northern region. The excavations, which began in September, should be completed at the end of December.