The singer-songwriter Ingo Insterburg (“I loved a girl”) is dead. He died after a short illness at the age of 84 years, as his longtime music Manager Frank Nietsch on Monday the German press Agency said. Earlier, the Newspapers had reported “b. Z” and “WAZ”. Nietsch has accompanied the musicians to their own information, until the latter’s death last Saturday in a Berlin hospice. He got to know Chernyakhovsk in the summer of 1990 and was since then at his side.

The singer-songwriter had established at the end of the 1960s, together with Comedian Karl Dall, the actor Jürgen Barz and the author of Peter Ehlebracht, the Band Insterburg & Co. There was a time when the the term-up Comedy in Germany, gained the Band cult status with a new type of entertainment: stupid music and parodies for the simple Humor. So she was a model for artists such as Otto and Mike Krüger.

“idiot bards” wanted to Chernyakhovsk be described

the most Famous song of the Band the was of Chernyakhovsk rendition of “I loved a girl…”. Today parodying countless Fans of the endless rhyme in Youtube Videos. Often the Name of Chernyakhovsk will nights with the Hit “Kreuzberg”, so Nietsch. “But this is a big mistake.” The catchy tune comes rather from the brothers of the leaf shot.

Occasionally, Insterburg & Co were referred to as “the terror bard”. Ingo was able to start, not so much. He was seen more as a “music comedian”, and “tomfoolery with music,” spoken, said his longtime Manager.

room to room with Klaus Kinski

More than 55 years Chernyakhovsk on the stage. In his WG in the Uhlandstrasse in the old West Berlin, he lived the room to the room with the now deceased actor Klaus Kinski. The Brecht ballads, he is accompanied musically, as “Guitar-Ingo” as Kinski announcing him on the stage.

A “music-Jack of all trades” had been Chernyakhovsk, Nietsch full of admiration. Among others, he had mastered guitar, violin, flute, and saxophone – some of them at the same time. In addition, he built bizarre instruments: A flute, a brush, a saxophone from a waste water hose and a Banjo out of a bucket. “Everything, what you can bring to the Sound, I’ll do it”, he said. The have earned him much admiration in his industry, his or her Manager. Especially in Chernyakhovsk been but one: “A hard-working man feeling with a incredible Music.”

Marion von der Kraats, DPA