Cantankerous, Ebenezer Scrooge (Vincent Morisse) tyrannize Cratchit his subordinate (Julien Ratel) who dares to ask him a leave of absence on December 25. The stingy, grumpy agrees on the condition that the employee returns earlier than the day after. It is not at the end of its surprises. On the evening of christmas eve, a ghost facetious (Julie Costanza) arises in the office of Scrooge seeming to know by heart the character unsympathetic. The spirit intends to lead the old flu-under on the path of redemption, but the path will be long before it feels relevant.

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The team of Actors! (a show rejoicing extended to the theatre de la Huchette), renews the feat of mounting a musical comedy from this time on the tale by Charles Dickens published in 1843, A Christmas carol . The director, Samuel Sené has never forgotten the story of Scrooge that he read at the age of ten years. It will implement it today on stage with a concern for realism, and the contest Eric Chantelauze, co-author of Actors! and composer Michel Frantz.

hope dominates

Served by a distribution sparkling, the trio speaks of the truth of the human soul, goodness and brotherhood. Hope dominates in a materialistic world and a dark, some melancholy also. The actors are accompanied by three musicians. Installed on the shelf behind the curtain, they are part of the magic and fantastic adventures of Scrooge.

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The authors, Eric Chantelauze, Vincent Merval and Julien Mouchel have taken liberties with the original text. Despite the cuts and the reduction in the number of characters, the moral is conserved. The Christmas spirit also. “I have attempted, through this little book full of ghosts, give form to an Idea, which shall not in any case to upset my readers, or mount them one against the other, or against the season, or against myself. It haunts pleasantly their homes, and that person never wants to make it go away,” wrote Charles Dickens. His intentions are perfectly illustrated here. From the age of 8.


“A Christmas carol” at the Artistic Theatre, 45 bis rue Richard-Lenoir (Paris Xi). Tel.: 01 43 56 38 32. Until 5 January. Tickets:€ 15 – € 25.