Two bronzes of Salvador Dali’re likely to see in the streets of Vancouver. Since the month of may, the gallery Chali-Rosso ready to the canadian city. Sunday, June 23, when she came to check their status, the director of the institution Susanna Strem has discovered with horror that the large egg golden sculpture Space Venus had been stolen. “It is an act absurd and selfish”, enrage-t-it in the Vancouver Sun .

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“The theft of the egg is not just a big loss for the gallery, but for the entire city and the millions of future tourists who will not be able to appreciate the sculpture in its entirety,” said Susanna Strem, which presents for the fifth time Vancouver residents of the sculptures of Salvador Dalí. In Canada, the gallery Chali-Rosso has the largest number of pieces of european masters, from Renoir to Chagall.

In 1984, Salvador Dalí was cast eight Space Venus high of 3.6 metres. Allegory surreal beauty, the goddess wears an egg in the abdomen. A shows soft dripping in the place of the head. Two ants climb up on his chest. As many of the symbols recurring in the work of the catalan artist. The value of the sculpture is estimated at $ 2.8 million.

The gallery-called to the help of the locals

“Somebody had to see something,” continued to hope that Susanna Sterm, who is astonished at such an attitude on the part of Vancouverites. She prefers the hypothesis of a stupidity to children. As the egg only “has absolutely no value”. To find, the gallery Chali-Rosso and the police call in the help of the people that may have witnessed this theft and the businesses who would have been able to record the scene on their surveillance cameras.

Space Venus will remain exposed until October 2020. “Alas, it could be that this is the last time that we present a beautiful original sculpture by Salvador Dalí,” says the director of the gallery, whereas this disappearance. In 2016, a painting of the catalan artist had been stolen in broad daylight by thugs, gunmen in a museum in the netherlands.