contemporary art is not often unanimity when it installs at the heart of the city. It is as well as the british newspaper The Guardian tells the story of the vision of “monstrous” experience for two days the inhabitants of the city of Wellington, capital of New Zealand.

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A statue of five meters high, in the shape of a giant hand in the middle of which is carved a face, has been filed in this Monday, by helicopter, on the roof of an art gallery located in the north island of the country. Despite an uncanny resemblance with Donald Trump, a work created in 2016 has not been made to be like him. This creation titled Almost is in fact a “self-portrait part” of the artist residing in Melbourne, Ronnie van Hout. In fact, on the website of the City Gallery, one reads that the hybrid hand-face giant has been created after scans of parts of the body of the artist, as if “the hand of the artist had developed a life of its own monster.”

Installed for three years,

originally, this unique work was exhibited in Christchurch, from where is originating the artist and was created in the aftermath of the earthquake that hit the city in 2011. Installed-in-residence at Wellington’s City Gallery for the next three years, she meets a very warm cold of the population.

The inhabitants seem not to love this statue in polystyrene and resin, which would hide a reference to the Quasimodo of Victor Hugo. On Twitter the reactions are going on: “What is this nightmare?”, asks one, while the other describes an “install hideous and malevolent” or even a “nightmare Lovecraftien”. When some would even it is returned to its starting point: “Resend this awful hand where it should be, in Christchurch!”.