The château du Tournel is in danger. Built shortly before the beginning of the Twelfth century, the building overlooking the Lot valley has seen it all: wars, looting, revolutions. But today, it is the time and the ruin which threatens it. The mission Stéphane Bern for heritage has already announced that she would mobilise. This heritage lozérien punishment through time: its stones falling one after the other, its walls are cracked, the whole constitutes a potential danger for users of the road that passes over the bottom. The monument is part of the 121 sites selected by the Lottery heritage this year. Despite this financial bonanza, the many work to provide all increase the addition of: 700,000 euros are needed. “A grant of the county council of Lozère in height 205,000 euros has been released as well as 20.000 euros in aid from the State,” says Pascal Beaury, mayor of Mont-Lozère-and-Goulet contacted by Le Figaro.

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in order To collect a sufficient amount, a subscription set at 100,000 euros has been launched on the website of the heritage Foundation. The institution will pay an additional euro for each euro of donation. But it is far from the account: the jackpot currently stands at 285 euros.

View in the height of the castle of Tournel. Town hall of

The castle is composed of six zones, ranging from the chapel to the house, passing by the tower and the south tower. The requirements are not the same everywhere and some parts are more expensive than others. This is the case for example of the chapel and the wall, whose the only scaffolding cost more than 12,000 euros, between the rental, the pose and the folding end of a project. Construction is expected to begin in mid-October, accompanied by specialized architects and an archaeologist. Consolidation, security, reconstruction and development are the main stages of this business.

Proposals for intervention on the chapel, the square, and the west tower. City hall of Mont-Lozère-and-Goulet

“people come every day to visit the castle. Of the railings have been installed, and a route well-defined allows you to avoid places that are potentially risky,” says the mayor. The restoration project provides, among others, the development of available facilities able to host public events. The scan stone by stone carried out with a laser will create a 3D reconstruction in augmented reality, accessible on a smartphone via an application. Other projects are planned to restore its splendour to the castle of Tournel. Provided you reach raise the necessary funds.

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