A virologist told me how much of vaccines against coronavirus already have on the people

17 vaccines against coronavirus in the world have successfully passed preclinical trials and is now being tested on humans. In addition, 132 of the drug in pre-clinical trials. This was told by Deputy Director division of vaccines the U.S. public Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of products and medicines (FDA), Konstantin Chumakov.

He said that nine of the drugs are now in the first phase, involving a small group of healthy volunteers. Six drugs in the second phase, and the two reached the third phase.

According to the virologist, in China, a vaccine in China, was licensed for use in the Armed forces, Interfax reports.

Also currently developing a vaccine against COVID-19 based on adenovirus of the Russian Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology them. Gamalei, together with the Ministry of defense. It is already undergoing clinical trials on volunteers.

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