Sunday afternoon, a young man of 18 years was vandalized ten works from the Denver art Museum, Colorado (United States), report several us media, including the New York Times . They were part of the exhibition Cavalcade , animals in art , which focuses on the way in which animals are represented in the art of various cultures over the centuries.

The author of the damage, Jake Siebenlist, violently pushed the visitors without hurting them, before you rail on works, especially by throwing it on the floor. It was as well broke a chinese vase from the Qing dynasty (Nineteenth century) depicting a phoenix and two containers pre-columbian era maya, the one in the shape of a fish, the other depicting a god riding a bird.

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The author of the damage “was very upset”

The motivations of the young author does not seem very clear. According to the museum director Christoph Heinrich, this 18 year old man “was very upset” when he has acted. Never such an act had been committed in the museum, renowned for its collections of native american art. The director says it is nevertheless “very confident” in the ability of the conservatives to “restore most of the objects damaged.

Mastered by the guardians of the museum, Jake Siebenlist, whose actions were filmed by cctv cameras, has been arrested by the police. It is sued for an act of vandalism by the State of Colorado. A part of the exhibition Cavalcade was closed but expected to reopen quickly, and present to the public its 300 objects, including the works of Georgia O’keeffe, Deborah Butterfield and Frederic Remington.