A woman stabbed two men in Moscow, turned criminal-the recidivist

Reporters found out the details of the massacre of two men at the metro station “Tsaritsyno” in Moscow.

a Woman is attacked companions, was a felon with a record. 41-year-old woman was imprisoned for 18 years. As reported “MK”, she in the company of two men always met on the lawn near the metro station for drinking alcohol.

the Conflict that escalated into a brawl, occurred in the evening. The men decided to eat Shawarma near the shopping center Lugansk on the street, but between them there was a conflict. At some point they were approached by a woman that her partner has transferred his knife, fearing that the enemy uses it against him.

after securing arms, the woman suddenly struck the enemy, her boyfriend, and then himself.

Both men died from his injuries.

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