Elevated levels of radiation recorded in late June at the Western borders of Russia, presumably, he gave up a nuclear reactor. This message was made by the International atomic energy Agency.

According to IAEA, is the “reactor, which operates or is in maintenance”.

the Organization has excluded the version that the surge brought the spent nuclear fuel or mishandling of the source isotopes, for example at the plant for reprocessing of nuclear fuel. IAEA dismissed the suggestion that the leak caused “the use of radiation in industry or medicine.”

the Agency is not yet able to say from which country came the release. It has already collected assurances from 37 European countries that they are not involved in the increase of background radiation. “The geographical origin of the emission has not yet been determined,” — says the IAEA.

As reported in Northern Europe near Russia were found to exceed concentrations of radioactive elements: cesium, iodine, ruthenium and cobalt. Rosatom said that did not record accidents at nuclear power plants in the Northwest.

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