This is a discovery that is already a sensation. The place is located 160 kilometres south-west of Stockholm, in the middle Baltic sea. In the complete dark by 120 meters of the bottom, the lights illuminate a wreck-wood of sixteen metres long. The masts are still standing and a canon mobile is ready to shoot. “It looks as if it sank yesterday”, said the researcher, Pacheco-Ruiz of the Swedish society of underwater research MMT.

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on Wednesday 24 July, a team of international researchers has revealed in the daily Svenska Dagbladet equivalent of northern Figaro , having discovered a vessel of the Sixteenth century in perfect condition. For the moment, many questions arise. Who owned this ship? Its shape suggests an origin in Northern Europe. Sweden, Denmark? Or is this a pirate ship. And why has he sunk?

Built between 1490 and 1550

with sonar, the researchers knew since 2009 that a ship had sunk at this place. But they knew neither the age nor the state of conservation. These past seven months, a robot submarine MMT has multiplied the findings and showed how the ship was a major discovery. In January, MMT has sent one of its mini-submarines, filming the wreck. The researchers are then faced with a boat in perfect condition, built between 1490 and 1550. The cannons date back to 1520.

In September, research will continue in particular to collect pieces of wood that will be examined in Stockholm. Given the low rate of salt in the Baltic, and the excellent preservation of the boat, the researchers hope to find cabins intact but also textiles, documents, maps. And perhaps the bodies of the sailors.