Since his death in December 2017, Jean d’ormesson, proves that he is an immortal. It seems that he continues to walk around his pen. And his gaze sémillant. The writer has played her last role as a gentleman of letters in Monsieur , the documentary of Laurent Delahousse. The film comes out this Wednesday in cinemas, a year to the day after the demise of the academician.

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“John has managed to become a phenomenon of society.”

academician Jean-Marie Rouart at the meeting of the Figaro dedicated to Jean d’ormesson

Sir, the documentary film of Laurent Delahousse

Laurent Delahousse proves to be a fine portraitist, judge Marie-Noëlle Tranchant, film critic at the Figaro . He is working with grace to return the salt to the life of the academician: his rituals of writing, the walks, the dialogues with the relatives. On the screen, the writer is dapper, plays his image of the aristocrat, affable, disturbed by its indefinable charm. Between the marine landscapes of Corsica-paneled polissés of his hotel in Neuilly. After watching the first few minutes of the film, Jean d’ormesson, was enthusiastic, ensuring to the presenter that he had no doubt that this new adventure would be “wonderful”.

● A hosanna without end the book posthumously by Jean d’ormesson

At his death, Jean d’ormesson, had left a manuscript in his drawer. A hosanna without end , the appealing and last metaphysical reflection of the writer was published on 15 November. A text “without any nostalgia or sadness,” according to the words of his daughter, Heloise, who edited it, but deep and light in the image of its author. He borrowed from Chateaubriand and his Mémoires d’outre-tombe, where there is the expression, the title of the book. In the Scripture , “hosanna” is the message of joy and welcome of the people of Jerusalem to Jesus Christ.

● The publication of the second volume of the complete works in The Pléiade

In September 2018, Gallimard, has published in The Pléiade edition, the second volume of the works of Jean d’ormesson, under the direction of Philippe Berthier, professor of literature and stendhalien recognized. The Vagabond who goes under an umbrella hole , 1978, As a song of hope , written in 2014. The academician had joined in 2015, the most prestigious literary collections. A privilege which had, at the time, raised as much cries of joy as dread.

The Last King Sun , the biography by Sophie Deserts

Sophie des Deserts, has published a biography full of anecdotes after having worked with Jean d’ormesson for several years. But The last king sun , the explicit title, this academician in a very bad day. The book is “an incomplete jigsaw puzzle and indiscreet, who misses his aim”, $ Stephen keith j. watson, director of the Figaro Littéraire . “What’s the good of a controversial biography which casts a harsh light on this that has so many attractions in the clear-obscure?”, if he asked.

The Conversation , a text by Jean d’ormesson, adapted for the stage

The Conversation is currently taught at the théâtre du Gymnase Marie-Bell in the Tenth arrondissement of Paris. Theatre critic at the Figaro , Armelle Héliot assures, “this production will delight fans of a theatre of reflection and enjoyment.” Two words that Jean d’ormesson had the talent to reconcile. Created at the theater in 2011, it is not intended to the scene, this face-to-face between Cambacérès and the fiery Bonaparte, still young and burning already of ambition. The unexpected success of the piece had delighted its author.

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The academician Jean-Marie Rouart was invited on the 26th of November, Le Figaro at a round table in tribute to Jean d’ormesson. “John has managed to become a phenomenon of society,” observed the man who was her great friend.