A sword of Damocles hanging over him was hanging over the head. The award fell Wednesday to 14 hours. After having participated in violence, aggravated during a brawl in the streets of Stockholm, A$AP Rocky has been convicted of assault by the justice Swedish Wednesday afternoon. The rapper and two of his acolytes, also convicted, “have assaulted the victim by hitting and kicking while she was lying on the ground,” said the court. They will have to pay damages to the victim of 19 years in the amount of 12,500 crowns (around 1160 euros). The conviction carries a sentence of two years suspended prison sentence. The rapper will not return, therefore, not in prison as he has already been detained for a month in custody.

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The verdict has been rendered in the absence of the artist of 30 years, Rakim Mayers, his real name. In concert Tuesday night, the eve of the verdict, the interpreter of Praise Da Lord has asked his fans to “pray for him”. “I will say with hope and the will of God that I am not guilty. (…) It is an unfortunate event, and I’m just trying to stay in the right path, I hope that I am not guilty, so pray for me.”

Imprisoned since the Wednesday, July 3 after a brawl with two young men in the Swedish capital. Images of the incident had made the rounds of social networks. The prosecution had requested a jail sentence against the rapper from Harlem. The case had raised a massive wave of protest from across the Atlantic, making react, many personalities from showbiz up to the president in person. Donald Trump had called for the release of A$AP Rocky, accusing Sweden of “dropping” the Black americans. The rapper was finally released in early August.