This is the saga of the summer that has roiled the middle of the hip-hop and up to the highest political levels. Rapper A$AP Rocky to prison in Sweden, after a brawl in the streets of Stockholm, will have to answer for his acts before the justice Swedish. Its referral to a tribunal and two members of his entourage for the violence that comes from him be served.

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“I decided to charge the three people suspected of assault, finding that the facts constituted an offence in spite of the arguments of the defence arguing a situation of legitimate defence in the face of provocations” of the complainant, said in a statement that the attorney in charge of the investigation. Three days of hearing are scheduled in Stockholm city court, on July 30, and August 1st and 2nd.

In the meantime, the rapper and his two friends should stay in the detention centre of Kronoberg, where they are staying since their arrest. “I’ve made my decision, after having reviewed the movies available on the Internet as well as other many more pieces of hardware. In addition to the videos, the witness testimony supports the testimony of the complainant,” said prosecutor Daniel Suneson.

“It was expected but it is extremely disappointed,” said the lawyer, ASAP Rocky, Slobodan Jovicic, during a press conference. “He said he was innocent,” he stressed.

Up to two years in prison

According to the Swedish press, the emergence of several amateur videos of the incident could constitute key evidence against the rapper. While his defense argued that he was merely reacting in self-defence to the provocations of a small group of people who harassed and followed him and his entourage. Its customer incurs in theory up to two years in prison for “violence”, accompanied by a fine.

A$AP Rocky, a 30-year-old, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, was taken into custody on July 2, at the end of a concert, in the company of three other people, after a fight, on the 30th of June, in the streets of the Swedish capital. On 5 July, a court ordered his incarceration on the grounds that there was “a flight risk” abroad.

On an amateur video first released by the website TMZ, the artist, on a visit to the Swedish capital for a concert in the framework of his european tour, puts on the ground a young man and then struck him blows. In other films posted on the account Instagram of the rapper, he asks several times to the two young men to stop the follow.

One of the two complainants – it is more that a in the criminal proceedings – has also struck a member of the entourage of the rapper and a parallel investigation has been opened against him but the prosecutor’s office dropped the charge, saying that he had acted in self-defence.

The intervention of Donald Trump

Since his detention, friends and fans of the artist, new yorkers are mobilizing on social networks, calling for his release and denouncing a “fury” of the justice Swedish. According to TMZ, the president, Donald Trump has even asked his team to work towards his release”. The production company Swedish music Woah dad! a campaign has been launched in the capital’s streets where posters black “Free A$AP Rocky ASAP” (Free A$AP Rocky without delay) have been posted.

Several elected officials in the u.s. Congress have urged Sweden to release the musician and a former u.s. ambassador to Stockholm, Mark Brzezinski, noted that he had contacted the Swedish ministry of foreign Affairs and the royal house, denouncing the “injustice and racial nature”. Donald Trump said last weekend that he was ready to take “personally” the guarantor of the rapper and that he had informed the Swedish Prime minister Stefan Löfven

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a Native of New York, ASAP Rocky emerged in 2011 with the release of the album Live. Love. ASAP , was hailed by critics, before going in 2013 with Long. Live. ASAP .