Flacko is back. After a more than eventful, the rapper in new york is back with a new video parody, and colorful. Arrested at the end of June, and then placed one month in detention for fighting in the streets of Stockholm, A$AP Rocky has finally been sentenced to two years suspended prison sentence on 14 August last.

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Shortly before the verdict, he had spoken of this case as an experience “totally humiliating” at a concert, and seemed not to want to see the police anytime soon. On stage, he had performed his international hit Praise The Lord , whose lyrics are “I praise the lord then break the law”, or “I pray to the lord and then I violate the law”. That evening, he had left his fans care to finish the sentence. However, it would appear that Rocky keeps nevertheless a certain resentment vis-à-vis the police, as evidenced by the clip of Babushka Boi .

In Russian, “Babushka” refers to both the scarf and the grand-mother. In this specific case, we opt more for “the boy in The scarf”. A accessory own to the rapper who is regularly. Concerning the words, no reference is made to Sweden. On the other hand A$AP talks about his scars, the result of two assaults in the past. The first had taken place when he was 15 years old. He had been hit by bullets, leaving a mark on his left cheek. The second time, he was attacked with a knife, burning a gash on his right cheek, near the lips. The rapper makes a parallel with the character of Tony Montana in the film Scarface with Al Pacino (1983). With “The world is yours, Scarface, nigga”, it returns to the famous “The world is yours”, the motto of the gangster cuban.

A$AP Rocky – Babushka Boi

Next clip, we see a scenario how “cops versus robbers” – style in the 1960s. Accompanied by four guies with faces that were more specific than others, our Babushka Boi escapes from a truck leading to the penitentiary. Looking for, the small group of criminals eager to go break the bank, still spinning by the police represented with the heads of pigs. A direct reference to the expression dépréciatrice “Pigs”, used by Americans to refer to the police. A chase is committed between the two camps, until the confrontation.

At this time, Rocky gives joy and sprinkles his enemies with shots from a Thompson M1, the weapon of the gangster par excellence. Once the work is completed, the joyful company grime in surgeons, and stands facing the camera laughing. They then discovered that the “pigs” have been processed into sausages. Height of delight and pleasure taken by the rapper, the last scene shows a policeman and enjoy a delicious pork sandwich…