The american rapper ASAP Rocky, who is suspected of assault after a brawl in Stockholm, has appealed to the Swedish supreme Court for his remand in custody, announced on Monday his defender. Friday, a Stockholm city court had ordered his incarceration to the time of the survey on the grounds that there was “a flight risk” abroad. His lawyer, Henrik Olsson Lilja, had appealed to the Court of appeal, which was dismissed. On Monday, the council has indicated to the AFP that his client had chosen to apply to the supreme Court.

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According to Henrik Olsson Lilja, the prosecution has not properly justified the reason for which his client might flee, and claimed the loss of earnings suffered by the musician in new york, in full european tour. The highest court in the scandinavian country must decide in the course of the week. ASAP Rocky, a 30-year-old, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, was arrested and placed in police custody last week, in the company of three other people, after a fight in the streets of the Swedish capital.

A tour already partially cancelled

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The incident occurred on June 30, and was in part filmed in a video released by the media specialized in celebrities TMZ. The artist is seen to throw a young man on the ground before him land several blows. The rapper has reacted after the fact by posting several videos of the altercation on his account Instagram. In the video of the brawl posted on Tuesday, we see the artist of 30 years, on a visit to the Swedish capital for a concert in the framework of his european tour, throwing a young man on the ground before him land several blows. The victim has injuries that have required stitches and was taken to the hospital. The rapper has already had to cancel four concerts in Norway, in Poland, in Ireland and in England, as part of his tour. On Wednesday, he is expected in Moscow. A native of New York, A$AP Rocky emerged in 2011 with the release of a compilation entitled Live. Love. A$AP . In 2013, he followed that up with his first album Long. Live. A$AP .