Abbot Sergius did not attend the meeting of the Church court, but to the building of the Russian Orthodox Church came from his supporters

Abbot Sergiy (Romanov) did not attend the crucial meeting of the ecclesiastical court for review of his case in the Ekaterinburg diocese. While the building of the Russian Orthodox Church in Yekaterinburg was attended by about 30 of his supporters, according 66.RU.

In one of the groups in “Vkontakte” in the morning, began a collective prayer, beginning with, “Save, o Lord, and have mercy on the father of our spiritual chiyoumen Sergiy (Romanov), give him spiritual salvation and bodily health, protect it with the prayers of the saints, the angel, every move, waiting for him to evil.”

One of the participants collecting signatures in support Romanova Ksenia Lubomirova said that their has already collected more than 2 thousand. Supporters of chiyoumen plan to transfer their ecclesiastical judges.

Recall that after a series of bizarre statements Confessor Sredneuralskaya convent father Sergius was forbidden to hold worship, however, he ignored the instructions of the Church hierarchy. ROC then began to look for witnesses of ill-treatment of children in the monastery. Also in the diocese said that Sergius became the priest contrary to the canons of the Church: he was convicted for the murder, but, according to the Orthodox Church, suppressed this fact at the dedication of the San.

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