Is the political class, which only knows the majority fact, capable of compromise? In the absence of debates in the hemicycle, the answer is long overdue. On the media scene, the newly elected deputies nevertheless set the tone for the next legislature, showing a pride that was as fierce as it was misplaced. It was agreed that the first contests would focus on socio-economic issues, purchasing power in the first place, but they preferred to fight over a fundamental freedom, abortion, which the United States Supreme Court has just ruled. revoke. A political dispute not of substance but of form.

The announcement of a bill to include “respect for abortion” in the Constitution, by the new leader of LREM deputies Aurore Bergé, could have been a laudable intention, but it above all appeared as a counter -fire to draw the eye away from the political difficulties of the presidential majority. Yet these same Walkers fought two similar texts. In 2019, Yaël Braun Pivet, president of the law commission – and future president of the National Assembly – opposed it, believing that it was “neither useful nor necessary”. It is all the more an incentive to crime: those who would not line up behind them to defend this “PPL” would not be better than those who, across the Atlantic, defeated this law. Is it necessary to add that such a proposal, since it emanates from parliamentarians, will necessarily have to be submitted to a referendum. The French will have to decide, a first since 2005 and the referendum on the European constitution.

La Nupes did not fail to remind Macronie that it had been able to brush aside this same proposal in 2018 and 2019, while loudly proclaiming paternity. By opening for signatures its own “human progress” bill which aims to enshrine the right to abortion in the Constitution for all groups in the National Assembly (except the RN), the left is transforming an apparent compromise evident in a pitfall. In the eyes of the deputies on the left, the right to propose again a proposal for a constitutional law on abortion cannot belong to others.

Macronists as rebellious ambition nothing more than to bring the first compromise on a text with high political and historical value. But by wanting too much to pull the blanket on oneself and play parliamentary tricks, it is failure that awaits everyone. In his fable Les Deux Chèvres, La Fontaine wrote: “Thus our adventurers advanced step by step / Nose to nose / Who were both very proud (…) / For want of reversing their fall was common.” Because in politics, only glory counts.