In a family to sit together, you talk, you are talking. But just as there are popular and sometimes unavoidable issues, there are in most families, topics that are hushed up and never spoken to. On Reddit, the User “Sweet_Baby_Breesus asked”: “What you talk about in your family?” And the Community answered.

bad grandpa

“The Quinn” never tells the truth about his name because he was named after his grandfather. The was an alcoholic and had beaten the Granny. As a child, the mother has tried The “The Quinn” to call the police for help. Also, she was beaten, but the grandmother disappeared with the children. And this is exactly the “fucking grandfather,” he was named. Because that was the only way the mother was considered in the will of the fiend.

“When someone asks me where I got my name, I invent just a story about a Poet.”

child abduction

“DangoDieskazoku” not to mention that his Cousin was kidnapped when he was a Baby. It went like this: “Two Teenagers were married, the aunt wanted a divorce, but the guy abused you. She fled back to her family. He followed her. She let him into the apartment to talk to since he took my Baby Cousin in her arms was asleep, and fled from the state.” Only 20 years later, the family saw the Cousin again.

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User “Br12286” reported: “We never talk about him. It’s weird to be so grown up. I know I had a brother, and I know that he was hit by a car and killed as he walked home, but otherwise I know nothing about him.

I’ve seen his pictures. So I know what he looked like. I don’t know anything about his personality, his likes or dislikes, the music he has heard …. I found his Comics in my mother’s closet when I was younger, but that’s all.”

“it was Only when my grandfather died, went to my mother and I to his grave. She collapsed completely silent. I can’t understand the pain of losing a child, but it hurts to see my mother so grief-stricken, almost as if it had just happened.”

suicide attempt

We are not talking “about this new year’s eve, when my mother tried to commit suicide by swallowing a bucket of pills,” writes “NinjaMinya”. “For years, everyone is doing so, as this wouldn’t have happened. You don’t want to talk about it.”

The rape

“My uncle raped my mother for nine years and no one in her family wanted to admit it. Later, my mother noticed the strange behaviour of his daughter, but nobody believed her. He died. As it turned out, that he had raped his daughter,” the User “IGNOREMETHATSFINETOO”. “I’m disgusted by my family, and my aunt. She knew the whole time what happened, but rather than arrest him, she said, only after his death.”

The worst day in the life

About the worst day in his life, writes User “Jambanej”: “My wedding day. This was a six-month marriage with a manipulative wife, which ended with infidelity, Depression, and homelessness. I’m now totally well, but I mention it never . So does nobody else. When my grandpa have to mention the marriage, he calls you “back when we met you in the Park”.

The Bio-fathers

“missmeggy42” tells: “The biological father of my sister. We all know that she is our half sister and our father is not your father, but we never talk about it. None of us knows who he is, whether he has ever paid child support or whether our sister knows him. Nothing. And I’m sure none of us will bring up the subject ever.”

The User “torchyboi” has a similar story: “My grandmother came from a business trip pregnant home. The child is my mother, and was completely raised by the man my grandmother married. We have no idea who is the biological father. Grandma died without telling anyone his name.”

Predatory aunt

“My aunt has driven the business of grandfather and father almost in bankruptcy, as you worked there. You were with your great trips, because their husbands had good Jobs. Then it was shown that she has stolen every year 10,000 to $ 15,000”, “SardinesGivePower”. “She’s still in the last will and Testament of grandma and grandpa. If that was my daughter, she would be gone from my life.”

gay uncle

“My uncle and his “friend”. Ever since I can remember – almost 30 years – he is always in his vicinity. You never had a female companion. They live together. They had eventually even a gay bar,” “The happy cachorro”. “I thought it was something they had concealed from us, the children, all these years, until I had the courage, my father questions directly. He said it had never been spoken. He said that he had not even once asked my mother then.”

family illness

“Huntington’s disease”, confesses “BombAnne”. “My grandpa died, my uncle it is getting worse and worse, and my niece and my nephew have a 50 percent Chance to get it also. We all do so, as the disease would not be there, because it is difficult to talk about it, especially since my grandma is still alive. You know how it will end.”

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