Academician: 60% of Russians are overweight

About 60% of Russians suffer from overweight. Such data, as reported by RIA “Novosti”, said the head of the Federal research center of food biotechnology and food safety, academician Victor Tutelyan.

“60% of Russia’s population is overweight, approximately 20-25% are already obese,” he said.

the Specialist said that obesity is a risk factor for developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Meanwhile, the share of expenses of Russians for the purchase of products in June decreased to 36% of their total expenses, which corresponds to March. This is stated in the study conducted by the holding “ROMIR”. Experts noticed that the rate of expenditure on food (called Food Index) returned dekorativny level. The value of this indicator in may, it was about 46%, that is, the products accounted for nearly half of all expenditures of Russians (26 thousand of 56,8 thousand rubles spent by the average family). In June, the volume of spending on food declined from an average family to 21.1 thousand rubles, while total costs increased to 58.3 thousand rubles.

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