Academician admitted the possibility of strengthening anti-epidemic measures during the second wave of coronavirus

a Second wave of infection of the coronavirus, which is expected in the autumn, coincides with the worsening of respiratory infections. During this period in Russia can be again strengthened the restrictive measures, Advisor Director for scientific work of the Central research Institute of epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, academician Victor Maleev.

According to the academician, if the second wave of coronavirus superimposed on the flu season, patients will need to differentiate by establishing a diagnosis, writes “RG”. In addition, Maleev noted that currently in Russia, as in other countries, it’s still the first wave of spread of the virus. In his words, “to the decay of the epidemic far.”

At the same time, he suggested that the total rise incidence as a spring, it will not be because health services have experience and ready for rapid response to virus outbreak and containment of the infection.

Maleev believes that in the future the virus will manifest local outbreaks, but will not disappear completely. The expert also noted that to take stock of the pandemic, even intermediate, not yet.

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