Academician Pandemic and certainly not over until the New year

Academician Victor Maleev commented on the increase in incidence COVID-19 in the world.

According to him, this suggests that the coronavirus pandemic will not end soon. Counsellor for research Director of the Central research Institute of epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor in an interview with “the Future of Russia. National projects”, said that “infection is, by definition, will never end.”

the Expert explained that, given the information in the report, “a plateau on the scale of the pandemic is yet to come”. Maleev predicts the continuation of the pandemic until the New year: “People fly planes, globalization, therefore, really before the New year, it won’t end, and may be seasonal bursts”.

Speaking about a possible second wave of coronavirus, the male admitted that “it is difficult to say whether she is or not.”

Just today in Russia revealed 789 190 thousand cases of coronavirus. Since the epidemic began in Russia died 12 745 people.

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