The question takes the minds in Hollywood and divided His Majesty’s subjects. Who will be the next James Bond? Who will succeed actor Daniel Craig? Dominic West, the name of which operates a regular bus service to resume the costume of 007, was an original proposal. Rather than an actress, a black actor, or – heresy – an american comedian or French, why not entrust the role to an actor who is transgender?

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In the Sunday Times Magazine , the English actor believes that a “James Bond transgender could be cool”. It even has a very clear idea of who could play this role. On the set of Colette his latest film, he met Hannah Graf, the wife of actor Jake Graf, who turns out to be the military transgender the highest graded of the british army. “It is a beautiful girl who could play Bond, writes Dominic West. It is quite possible to have a Bond who is transgender, because there are many transgender people in the army.”

Hannah Graf said it was “very flattered” by the idea of Dominic West, although it does not imagine “to become an actress soon”. “We have seen too many men in roles of heroic and too many women to play the foil”, however, has explained to the military.

As for Dominic West, he explains that “of course”, he will accept the role if offered to him but he had his doubts. The next film in the saga is currently in pre-production. It is expected on the screens on 14 February 2020 and for the moment the mystery reign on his script. One thing is certain: this will be the last Bond of Daniel Craig.