Quentin Tarantino will stop at ten films. At a conference in Moscow for release on August 14, in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, , her ninth film, the filmmaker has confirmed his intention to stop at the next. “If you think that all movies tell a story and that each film is like a railway car connected to the other, it would be sort of the climax of the event,” he explained. “And I would imagine that the 10th would be a bit more of an epilogue.”

The words that echo in his interview in the pages of the Figaro Magazine : “all of my movies in one, a movie that tells a single story, then I consider Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood as the climax of this history. As to the tenth, that slumbers still in me – I don’t know yet what it will be -I think it will be more like a form of epilogue.”

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“it May be that I am going to stop now!”

This is not the first time that the dad of Pulp Fiction emits this idea. Already in 2012, he had said in an interview with Playboy that he “didn’t want to become an old director.” “I want to stop before it is too late. The directors do not improve necessarily with age and, generally, their worst movies are the last four. (…) I think that ten films to my filmography would be sufficient”. An obsession that he confirmed four years later in July 2016 at the film festival of Jerusalem. “I plan to stop at ten. So that’s two more”, admitted it in the pages of Variety at the time.

However, the filmmaker does not exclude the possibility to stop (again) sooner than expected. “If Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood is very well received, I will go maybe not up to ten. Maybe I’ll stop now! We’ll see”, he said in an interview with the GQ australian on 3 July.

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This latest film project will be the fourth installment of the saga Star Trek, as it was announced? The director remains cautious. In his interview given to the journalist of the Figaro Magazine Arnaud Bordas, he says, he is not “100% safe for Star Trek . The idea interests me, the studio made me read the screenplay and it is good”. One thing is for sure: this film is not recommended for sensitive souls. “This is a film classified as Restricted. If I do, it will be classified Restricted”, he says in the columns of the magazine Empire , in reference to the visa applied in the United States to films containing violence, sex or foul words and which prohibited, in fact, at least 17 years of age.

But this is not all. In parallel, the filmmaker working on a project of crossover between Django and Zorro. Another rumor would also like to reflect with Uma Thurman at the possibility of a Kill Bill volume 3. Recall that in the count-that made Tarantino, Kill Bill 1 and 2 are one and the same feature film.

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books or in the theatre

fans can reassure themselves, the director does not close the door to potential future projects. “If at the age of 75 years, I have a new story to tell, this will only have an impact not top ten films already made,” he said to Variety . By the way: if Quentin Tarantino decided to pull out an eleventh or twelfth feature, they will not be “to be arranged on the same shelf as the ten previous ones, it will not pollute the other.”

The filmmaker already has some ideas for the following: “I see well do of books and the theatre, so I’m going to continue to be creative. But I think I gave all that I wanted to give the cinema”, he says in the GQ australian .