Accounts chamber: the trial lost 107 million rubles in the reconstruction of the

chamber of accounts revealed a shortage in the amount of 107,2 million rubles in the reconstruction of the runway at the airport “Domodedovo”. According to authorities, the damage to the budget was caused due to weak supervision of construction works on the part of the Federal air transport Agency.

a Shortage in the amount of 46.7 million rubles was revealed in 2018, its causes and the perpetrators have not been established. In 2019 when you inventory the amount of shortage has grown to 55,3 million rubles. There was also a shortage of 5.2 million rubles under the contract of reconstruction of the airport facilities “Domodedovo” from 2014.

Thus, the total amount of damage to the economic interests of the state, according to the joint venture amounted to 107,2 million roubles. At the time of completion of checking the “proceedings undertaken and the decision has not been made”.