The public prosecutor’s office, Massachusetts has abandoned Wednesday, the prosecution of the american actor Kevin Spacey, who was accused of sexual assault on a young man of 18 years, whom he had previously encouraged to drink alcohol in a bar on Nantucket three years ago, show documents of justice. This outcome was expected after the accuser decided not to testify at the bar for fear incriminate himself, the 8th of July last.

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The mobile phone of the young man, crucial piece of the file, had vanished. After having extracted the data, including a video recording of the facts and of the SMS, a police officer had returned to the family, without asking for a receipt. To the demands of the police and warned that any manipulation of the phone could get him sued, the young man invoked the 5th amendment of the u.s. Constitution, which allows a witness to remain silent in order not to risk incriminate himself.


The former star of the series House of Cards and movies like the Usual Suspects and American Beauty , which have earned him two Oscars, had pleaded not guilty during his appearance before a criminal court in Massachusetts last January.

More than thirty men were said to have been the victim of assault or harassment of a sexual nature on the part of Kevin Spacey, since the actor Anthony Rapp, was accused in October 2017 to have tried to abuse him in 1986 when he was only 14 years old. None of these accusations has not given rise to a charge.