Referred by multiple police investigations, Seungri, pop star of south korea, has announced that he will retire from the entertainment world. The musician and business man of 29 years old, accused of having offered sexual services to foreign investors in various clubs in the district Gangnam in Seoul, has been heard by the police during the weekend. Charged earlier this week for “incitement to prostitution”, it is now forbidden to leave the territory. He is also suspected in the business of selling drugs and sexual assault at the Burning Sun, the club where he was director of public relations.

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“It would be better now that I take my retirement from the world of entertainment,” he said in a press release posted on march 11, on his account Instagram. “In regard to the ongoing investigation, I will take it seriously to sweep away all the charges,” he adds. The singer, also the owner of an international franchise of restaurants, was suspended last month his career as a musician, and canceled concerts scheduled for later in march.

“I am heavily criticized by the public for a month and a half and I’m the subject of investigation by all the authorities of the country. I have been called a “traitor to the nation,” I can’t bear to do evil to others,” continues the musician, presenting its apologies to its many fans, “in South Korea and abroad”. Many of them have already turned back, signing a petition last week to ask for his expulsion from BIGBANG. “To have caused irreparable damage in the life of this group”, say the signatories.

A conversation-committal

A withdrawal that occurs when Seungri finds himself involved in another police investigation. It is in regards to the pornographic content that is shared over a cat which includes several celebrities and businessmen, including the director of the famous club in Seoul, and the Burning Sun. Disclosed by the information string SBS funE , excerpts of this private conversation reveal that videos and pictures of women have been recorded using hidden cameras, called the “molka” in South Korea, before being shared with the other members of this group. South Korea is the only OECD country to ban formally the production, sale and dissemination of pornographic content. The main suspect in this new case would be the singer of rock Jung Joon-young.

If it has not yet been proven that Seungri was involved in these illegal recordings, other snippets of the conversation dating back to 2015 to support its involvement in the business of procuring, which is the aim.

The agency Seungri first argued that these messages have been manufactured by the press, before their authenticity was finally confirmed by the authorities. A dozen victims would be concerned, even if the chain of information states that their number could still increase as the police continues its investigation.

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Seungri had known success as of the year 2006 with his group BIGBANG. Considered still today as one of the most influential of the industry of K-pop, the boy band has more than 140 million albums sold in the world.

however, This is not the first time that members of the group find themselves on the bench of the accused: the rapper T. O. P has been sentenced to the suspension of 2017 for having smoked marijuana after a hospitalization for an overdose. The group’s leader, G-Dragon, who had also been the subject of an investigation closed with no action for use of the same drug.

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