The world of cinema is gaga’s Shallow . Evidenced by the slew of awards raflées in the beginning of the year by the hit of Stefanie Germanotta, alias Lady Gaga. Title track of the film A Star Is Born , the song, co-written with producer Mark Ronson, has won the Oscar for best original song at the nose and the beard of the Pulitzer music Kendrick Lamar. The author-composer Steve Ronsen has threatened to sue the duo for having plagiarized one of his works. According to him, the tube of Gaga and Ronson is said to contain a sequence of three agreements identical to the one used in his song Almost .

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“a Lot of people pointed out to me that the song Shallow looked at the mine, said Ronsen in the media Entertainment Tonight . This is not something that I consciously noticed, not even having seen the film (I’ve also heard that it was rather good)”.

“I admire the talent of Lady Gaga and I just want to solve this case, he added. There are other people who have participated in the writing of Shallow , like Mark Ronson. I asked the opinion of a musicologist who has confirmed to me that the songs are similar”. Ronsen explains that he “explore the issue” with his lawyer Mark D. Shirian to know if there has been a misuse.”

“To make easy money on the back of a successful artist”

The lawyer of Lady Gaga, Orin Snyder, has published a press release with assassin against the musician of the country. “Mr. Ronsen and his lawyer are trying to make easy money on the back of a successful artist, he says. It is a process shameful and deceitful.” “If Mr. Shirian had to bring a lawsuit, Lady Gaga, the will fight with force and will triumph”, he added.

“We have provided Mr. Shirian a long letter with the opinion of many musicologists, who have found no similarity admissible between the two songs, he says. Even the musicologist of Shirian has recognized that the progression of the three agreements is present in many of the songs released before those of his client.”

Since the beginning of the year, Shallow has received, among others, the Oscar for best original song, a Grammy Award, a Golden Globe and a Critics’ Choice Movie Award.

Shallow – Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga

Almost – Steve Ronsen