“The Vilavi group takes note of the announcement of the resignation of Jacques Bouthier from his mandate as Chairman, and of all his activities and responsibilities within the company”, he indicated, specifying that the operational conduct and commercial is for the moment “provided by the team in place”.

Aged 75, the entrepreneur was indicted following a preliminary investigation opened in mid-March, with five other people “as part of a judicial investigation opened on Saturday, (…) counts of human trafficking against a minor and attempt, rape of a minor over 15, recourse to prostitution of a minor” and “sexual assault on a minor under 15”, specified Monday judicial sources close to the case to AFP, confirming information from RTL.

According to a source close to the case quoted by the radio, a 22-year-old young woman presented herself to the Parisian police in March, explaining that for five years, she had been “captive” of a very wealthy man who raped her.

Becoming, according to him, “too old for him”, the young woman would have been forced to find a “replacement”. A 14-year-old girl then took her place in the apartment.

The complainant managed to film them together in a bed, before entrusting the video to the investigators.

The CEO is suspected of having wanted to set up a team to kidnap the young woman, seize the video and force her to leave France, adds RTL.

For this, the septuagenarian would have asked his wife, two employees of his company, a young woman close to the complainant, as well as a former gendarme member of the GIGN. All were charged and jailed on Saturday.

Founded in 1975 by Mr. Bouthier, who has since run it, Assu 2000, which has become Vilavi, presents itself as the “first expert insurance and credit broker dedicated to individuals in France” and claims 1,800 employees, 163 million euros in turnover. and nearly 550,000 insured customers.