Accused of receiving a two particularly large bribes an official of the Ministry of industry and trade went under arrest

khamovnicheskiy court in Moscow sent to jail the head of one of the divisions of the Department of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Rizvan Gairbekova. As reported TASS, said court spokesman Irakli Sokhadze.

“the Decision of Hamovnichesky court of Moscow in respect of Gairbekova Rizvan Akhmedovich remanded in custody for two months,” he said.

Rizwan of Gairbekov is accused of receiving two very large bribes (part 6, item 290 of the criminal code).

Earlier in the same term the court has arrested the General Director of “Nizhny Novgorod aviation society” Basil Klepalova accused of giving two tricks Kairbekova.

the Deputy chief of the second Directorate for military-technical cooperation with foreign States of FSMTC of Russia Sergey Garmash, accused of bribery mediation, sent under house arrest.

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