The justice ordered Thursday the maintenance in custody of MHD. A decision eliciting “misunderstanding” Elise Arfi, one of the lawyers of the parisian artist. “We support what Mr. Sylla has not taken part in the does and remain mobilised to seek his release”, she responded with the AFP. MHD, whose real name is Mohamed Sylla, is from the January 17, indicted and detained by the security forces, in the framework of the investigation on the assault with a deadly young last July. The court has not yet announced the reasons for the extension of detention.


On July 6, in the vicinity of three o’clock in the morning, Loïc K. a 23-year-old, has succumbed to a beating and a stab wound in the Xe arrondissement of the capital. It would be”a settling of scores between bands of the Tenth and the Nineteenth arrondissement” according to a source close to the investigation. In total, a dozen people would be involved in this “punitive operation” in which the rapper 24 years. The latter, placed under formal examination and pre-trial detention on 17 January, says, however, his absence on the scene. “In the evening, we started to go bowling and then we went to the Red City [a social housing development in the Nineteenth arrondissement]”, she defends it.

Her car was reportedly seen on the premises, what MHD said that he was “available to everyone” in the cité des Chaufourniers in the Nineteenth arrondissement. The investigators also say that an individual carrying the same dye blonde, and the same Puma jacket the rapper was reportedly spotted on the cctv footage. This “joggin” is reserved for “brand ambassadors” and is not in the trade. “I receive every week several packages and it happens to me to distribute to people,” he explains. About his haircut, he asserts that, “it is more than twenty in the city to have one” (a similar hairstyle).

The messages of support from his fellow rappers

Since the review, several artists hip-hop, as Dadju, Kalash or even Vegedream showed their support to the artist by posting pictures of him on social networks.

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On Instagram, the rapper Niro has posted a message in two parts in which he justifies his support to his colleague: “I said to myself that as long as he was not presumed to be guilty, then I would defend this little brother,” he explained, adding his disappointment “if he participated in them. Nobody can condone such a thing”. Publication come to address criticisms that the rapper had suffered after a tweet describing MHD as “a young man full of heart…very far from being a murderer…That God makes it easy little brother.”