In the studio of Yves Calvi resonate some notes of the Wide , extract little happy of his latest album, Nobody . Two years after recovering from a cancer of the lymphatic system, Françoise Hardy fight again against the disease. The singer reveals to the micro RTL have struggled in recent months against a cancer of the pharynx. But, rest assured, t-at first, the tumor is “apparently eradicated”. The singer has yet appeared weakened at the microphone of Steven Bellery due to its heavy medical treatment.

“The side effects of radiation therapy are appalling and I really going through a tremendously difficult time”, she says. The interpreter of All the boys and the girls reveals have difficulty “feeding”, and “live normally”. “I am obliged to feed me, to stay alive, to do a lot of things extraordinarily binding. And then I am forced to see doctors, do tests… most of my time goes to that,” she says.

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“I’m not sure I get to sing again”

Swing, Françoise Hardy does not fall, however, not the arm. “When I have any small calls of salives, I regained hope, when it dries out even more, my spirits fall,” says the singer. It is a tumor that can be treated, but it is very constraining. It takes a minimum of 18 months before returning to the beginning of normal life”.

Fortunately, Françoise Hardy is not only to get through this ordeal. If it can count on its friends, the wife of Jacques Dutronc may also rely on her family, including her husband and her son, Thomas. “And if they are not there physically, they are very present otherwise”, she said.

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For his career, Françoise Hardy doesn’t hide the face. With a “throat that is fragile,” the artist envisions it difficult to return to the path of the studios.

“You can’t be a singer and be in this state-out there […] this is not compatible, slice-t-it. I lost the hearing in one ear because of radiation therapy and I do not think that one could sing properly. I can only write from a melody, and for the moment I’m not sure of getting to sing again, or even want to have. […] I am 75 years old, I think I have enough of it sung like that.”