Acting head of the Chuvash Republic began work on

For grants for housing and communal services in 2020, the government of Chuvash Republic laid 253,3 million rubles, which is by 5.5% more than the amount budgeted last year. As said the Agency “National interests,” the acting Governor of the region Oleg Nikolaev also already started work on “freezing” of tariffs.

the Publication says that Nikolaev took a number of decisions aimed at social needs, including indexed social benefits that will affect more than 210 thousand inhabitants of the Republic, and abolished the decision of the former leadership, which reduced the minimum wage in the Chuvash Republic. At the same time are introduced in the region of the system of social contracts that will provide direct financial assistance, and employment assistance and small business people who are in a difficult situation.

Special attention is paid to the most vulnerable populations: one and a half times increased the size of the regional maternity capital of 150 thousand rubles, organized Republican monthly cash payments for children from 3 to 7 years, notes the news Agency.

Also on the 75th anniversary of the Victory in world war II with additional payments to veterans — 25 thousand each, and for the first time adopted the Republican law on “children of war”, which spelled out the benefits for citizens of the Russian Federation, born on the territory of the USSR from 22 June 1927 to September 3, 1945 and living in the Chuvash Republic (about 70 thousand persons).

Besides, as writes the edition “Nikolaev brought together the most active residents of all ages Chuvash Republic, for which assistance and protection of interests in difficult situation of people is an important social mission.” Acting Governor initiated the creation of a unique movement “Together. Prle”, bringing together hundreds of volunteers and benefactors from all over the country, which in the period of pandemic assistance to many thousands of people and issued a special decree on the promotion of volunteerism and Volonteto be.

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