Activist, hanging on Senate square banner about

the Oktyabrsky district court has brought to administrative responsibility of the activist, the constitutional court has hung a banner of “Tsars in 1917 zeroed”. As have informed in United a press-service of the courts of St. Petersburg, the second participant is not found.

Yashin accused of offence under part 2 of article 20.2 of the administrative code — “organizing or conducting a public event without filing the prescribed notification procedure”.

“Yashin together with Deenukum… for the purpose of public expression and the formation of the opinions of others on the pressing problems of socio-political nature, voluntarily organized and held a public event in the form of picketing. The defendants demonstrated to the banner black-size 5 on 1 meter with the inscription: “Tsars in 1917 zeroed”. A banner was hung on the fence around the monument “the bronze horseman”,” — said the press service of the courts.

Yashin pleaded not guilty, denied any involvement. The court has appointed punishment in the form of 50 hours of compulsory work.

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