This Wednesday evening in front of The light Bulb, the room shows in Châtillon (Hauts-de-Seine), there were a few sparks between thirty activists, anti-racist and spectators that came to see the comedian, controversial, Dieudonne. In August 2018, the latter had already produced illegally in the city despite the ban of the mayor LR, Jean-Pierre Schosteck.

“You find it funny to go see a holocaust denier who laughs at the Holocaust?”, throwing activists to spectators upon their arrival in front of the room. Among them, members of the Union of jewish students of France (UEJF) and SOS Racisme. According to them, Dieudonné, in his last performances, held about denying the reality of the Holocaust.

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Framed by a dozen police officers, and in the quiet, the activists were distributing leaflets on which were reproduced photographs of the death camps and the victims of the Holocaust. They have expressed their disapproval to the outside, without entering the room. The activists were nevertheless affixed stickers with the definitions of the words “racism” and “anti-semitism”.

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@sos_racisme to the sides of the’ @uejf_officiel were present this evening in front of the theatre of the Bulb to alert the public of Dieudonné on about deniers and anti-semitic made during his show. #TousUnisContreLaHaine

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determined to express their dissatisfaction, activists, anti-racists have speakers set up in a pickup truck parked in front of the room and released a soundtrack that égrenait the names of child victims of the Holocaust. At a time when the show was scheduled to start, they then spent fifteen minutes several titles from hard rock, to full volume, to try to cover the one-man-show from the outside.

“Dieudonné plays on the rope denier”

“Dieudonné spreads racism, anti-semitism and holocaust denial”, told AFP Sacha Ghozlan, president of the UEJF. “He denies the existence of gas chambers and feeds its audience of rage and anger”, he said, noting that the 30 January was the day of the accession of Adolf Hitler to power in 1933 in Germany”. “Dieudonné plays on the rope, denying the holocaust,” she said Dominique Sopo, president of SOS Racism.

Dieudonné is produced clandestinely in a private room, in Montreuil – Watching on Figaro Live

Several times sentenced for racially offensive, hate speech and apology of islamist terrorism, the Franco-Cameroonian 52-year-old still arouses controversy around its shows.

In fact, since 2002, Dieudonné has been the subject of numerous legal proceedings. He was sentenced in may 2016, to a two-month suspended prison sentence and 10,000 euros fine because of about anti-semites held in one of his shows.

last fall, the municipalities of Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis) and L’haÿ-les-Roses (Val-de-Marne) had taken orders to prohibit Dieudonné to occur in them. But the interpète of the show The filthy Beast had again defied its prohibitions, in defiance of the law.