The american actor Cuba Gooding Jr has been charged for molesting unsolicited Thursday in New York , after a woman was accused of having palpated the chest at a bar Sunday night in Manhattan. The lawyer for Cuba Gooding Jr, Mark Heller, said on Thursday the release of a commissioner of New York city where was presented the actor a bit earlier, that his client would argue not guilty.

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Asked Tuesday at the Los Angeles airport by the site TMZ, Cuba Gooding Jr had denied any of the gesture moved. “I have confidence in the system,” he said. “There is a record that shows what really happened.” “Mr. Gooding has not acted improperly in anything,” she said Thursday his lawyer. “There is nothing in the video recording could even be considered ambiguous.”

A second complaint

According to several u.s. media, another woman has filed a complaint against him Monday about an incident that occurred, according to her, in march 2008. She says that the actor, who has embodied the former american football player O. J. Simpson in the mini-series “American Crime Story”, it has put the hand to the buttocks in a nightclub in Manhattan.

51 years Old, Cuba Gooding Jr. has more than three decades of his career to his credit. He became known with the film “Boyz n the Hood” (1991), before doing more supporting roles and importance during the 1990s. His interpretation of a professional player of american football top color in the movie “Jerry Maguire” earned him an Oscar in 1997.

The crime of touching unsolicited is punishable by a year in prison according to the law of the State of New York.