The american actor Kevin Hart has been hospitalized Sunday with serious injuries to the back” after a car accident, according to authorities in california. The report of the California Highway Patrol indicates that the actor 40 years was in the passenger seat of his car, a Plymouth Barracuda 1970, on the highway to Mulholland, in the county of Los Angeles.

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The driver, identified as her friend, comedian Jared Black, has lost control of the vehicle is returned in a ditch by the side of the road. Black, 28 years old, and the third occupant of the car, the mannequin Rebecca Brosterman, became stranded in the vehicle. “Hart and Black have suffered a serious injury to the back in this collision and were transported and treated in a hospital nearby,” the report says of the authorities. We do not know exactly what injuries suffer the two men.

The young wife of 31 years, who is the fiancée of Jared Black, is she not been injured. According to the analyses, Jared Black had not drank or used drugs.

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Kevin Hart, actor and comedian, is known for his roles in the films Jumanji or Agents almost secret . He made headlines in December of last year, when he had been chosen to present the Oscars, but he had to give it up after the resurgence of old tweets deemed homophobic.

An excerpt from Jumanj i with Kevin Hart