Actor Nikita Panfilov said in a movie shoot intimate scenes

Actor Nikita Panfilov, who played a playboy in a provocative series “Sweet life”, which will show the channel TNT, told how the shooting of the intimate relationships of the characters.

41-year-old actor in an interview admitted that in the frame of “the Sweet life” it often appears without clothes. In the shot the viewer sees a naked man standing alone in the room, and during the making of the film next to actor is usually fifty people.

Panfilov, talking about the technical side of film-making process, noted that “the boys just didn’t show it, and the girls of “glued up”. He explained that there are “special devices that roll up like a tape.”

the Actor added that, in the end, on the set of private parts actress is not on display, and in the frame all looks different. Thus, at the filming of the erotic scenes in modern cinema, everything happens “stiff and veiled,” and the actors have to portray excitement.

Earlier media reported that in the bed scene of “Text” actress Christina Asmus was covered by special overlays.

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