Erika is pregnant. Erika has three children and a man who finds that the daughter must not go to the Gymnasium, but rather in the family business to learn. Erika wants another child. Erika would live in the year 2018, would you probably just with your husband about the Situation. You would arrange a consultation, and finally an abortion. But the story of Erika plays in 1971, abortions are available under the freedom of punishment, the star-a Cover of “We have aborted!” has not yet appeared.

The ZDF told in “departure to freedom”, as Erika can still have an abortion, as they emancipated themselves then much more, even from her husband. Anna Schudt, known from the Dortmund “Tatort“ plays Erika. And has led us in a discussion about women and their rights.

ICONIST: The Film takes place in 1971, were you born in 1974. Have you spoken with your mother about the time?

Anna Schudt: Very much, we saw the movie together. There has been agitated a lot. I was also able to talk with witnesses and then went to Cologne on the road.

ICONIST: What do you have on the woman to be learned in the ‘ 70s?

Schudt: The women had rooms that were locked. Just the space to be a woman and sexuality. The not was not to be, this is not a language, the there were. As a result, the women were actually identitätslos that has me worried.

ICONIST: Since then, hardly 50 years have passed and yet everything is different now, more open.

Schudt: I don’t think it is so much different. So quickly we are not. We were raised by our parents who were brought up by their parents. We will do so, as would be the issues of the time overcome, we say.

ICONIST: But it is not so?

Schudt: We will do so, as everything would be possible, as we would all relationships on an equal footing, whether sexually or not. It would be great if we quickly remember that this freedom is really liveable.

ICONIST: The themes of the film cooking in the current debates.

Schudt: Where is the discussion on the Abortion clause was in the ‘ 70s from feminism. Women wanted to get longer in life danger, if you have an abortion, they would not go to Healers or needles in the abdomen to sting. Therefore, the discussions are different today, but of course, it’s always the women that say: Listen to us.

ICONIST: Are women today?

Schudt: More than at that time. Who said anything about #metoo, speaks in a megaphone that goes out into the world. In the 70s you had to find the right words. Of course, all these issues must be dealt with over and over again, there must always be a bullhorn in the vicinity. With just the #metoo debate, in the meantime, the ramifications of which I took, even behind the question.

ICONIST: What do you mean specifically?

Schudt: Much of it takes place on the Internet. But such important issues need to be discussed but to be face-to-face! You can not bring these issues even in the Internet, there is a stove formation takes place quickly. All men are evil? I think it would be nice if we something also.

ICONIST: Would you describe yourself as a feminist?

Schudt: no, I would describe myself as a nothing. I’m a big believer that women can independently decide when and how many and in what Form you children want to get. The topic excites me insane, since a power of sovereignty, which distributes now all the midwives. This is dangerous.

ICONIST: What do you mean with a power of sovereignty?

Schudt: It’s nobody’s just something a woman gets pregnant, does. A woman has the right to say: I don’t want to be pregnant. Or the other way around thinking, ‘ Where is the exist value to a child that is not wanted, has no home to?

ICONIST: Should be allowed to inform Doctors that perform abortions, like the Doctor Kristina Hänel, who just failed again in court?

Schudt: you should be able to, of course! Because what happens when you know where to go? Then we go back in time. It is totally absurd that you can all the way – or hinoperieren that everywhere may be advertised. But a doctor may not say: “If you need help, to me”? In my eyes this is a double standard.

ICONIST: what subjects women should go on the road today?

Schudt: There are still so many inequalities in us, from the Rest of the world, I don’t want to talk at all. But I think it brings nothing to say about it: Now more scientists need to look at the inside! Where do you come from? Maybe girls are just curious, not so much for science as boys. There are other biological conditions in the brain, the effect of the hormones you can’t talk. The difference between men and women. But we can fight to ensure that people recognise each other as equivalent.

ICONIST: are you against the women’s quota?

Schudt: I think the basic idea is not bad, maybe you must establish at all some of the female voices. So at all there are. But still you have to decide according to quality. If I have a choice between a Director and a Director, then I’ll take the two that is better.

ICONIST: “departure to freedom” had a predominantly female Team. A woman has directed, a woman has produced, women have played the main roles. We could feel it when turning?

Schudt: There were more female energy, not testosterone. In this rotation, no one has worked with elbow, no one wanted to in the first series, because all were in the first row. We had no Egos on the Set. But is that really always the topic of men and women? The energies in this case were just right, it could have been a rather male-dominated rotation, but in the same way.

ICONIST: In the Film, it also has to do with men. Men who feel threatened, the need to find their role. It is a modern men better?

Schudt: I believe that young men have very similar problems like in the ‘ 70s. The men at that time had not learned to talk, empathizing with their wives. The young today do not know how to live, you have no role. But this is also a great opportunity! I hope the young Generation will make use of the freedoms that she has, too. Be gay, Transgender, with children or without – they’re all crazy possibilities. I did not think of it as a teenager.

“departure to freedom” runs at 29. October at 20.15 on ZDF.

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