Must see

• on A rainy day in New York city , comedy-drama, Woody Allen, 1h 32min

A student (Timothy Chalamet) invites his girlfriend (Elle Fanning) to spend a weekend dream in New York. This son of a family has won $ 20,000 in poker. It comes out of the great game: suite overlooking Central Park, dinner at a four-star restaurant, horse-drawn carriage ride. The girl should interview a film director in the midst of a crisis of the fifties to the journal of the faculty. The stay will not unfold quite as planned. Elle Fanning burst onto the screen. Allen is in outstanding form. The pace is tremendous.

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• Ad Astra , the science fiction of James Gray, 2h 04min

Roy McBride (Brad Pitt), an astronaut to a quenching exceptional, is chosen for a secret mission and dangerous… The staging button with ease to different genres, disaster movie, film, gangster, psychological thriller, horror film, as so many chapters have taken place over the vastness of the night of infinite space. There is an aesthetic that is highly controlled for the spectacular, enriched by the music of Max Richter.

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• The bitter Flowers , the drama of Olivier Meys, 1h 36min

Lina decides to leave China to improve the lot of his family. In Paris, it will make the bitter experience of exploitation, of unemployment, of misery, and the shame of prostitution. A drama of economic migration all the more strong that it is told in a low voice, with a realism without pathos and a humanity full of tact, through characters of a moving correctness.

You can see

• We the people , documentary film by Claudine Bories and Patrice Chagnard, 1h 39min

In 2018, three groups, one of young people of the districts, the other of women, the third of inmates, to elaborate a draft Constitution. A work that is refreshing and clever on the language policy.

• Three days and a life , drama, Nicolas Boukhrief, 2h 00min

The winter of 1999, during the Christmas period, in a village of the belgian Ardennes, where nothing, normally do not go unnoticed. Antoine (Jeremy Senez), 12 years old, leads a quiet life until the day he kills Rémi, his neighbour of the same age accidentally. And hides the body. Staging identifies the protagonists at close range. Going on their expressions to the screen to force-close-ups. Jeremy Senez demonstrates an incredible mastery of the game. Some elements of this adaptation of the polar of Pierre Lemaitre lack unfortunately of credibility.

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Portrait of the girl on fire , historical drama from Céline Sciamma, 2h 00min

Marianne needs to create the portrait of a young woman who refuses to pose in opposition to her wedding organized. The artist will then pretend to be her companion. Céline Sciamma felt the boilings of life under the economy of gestures, the withholding of the dialogues, concise, acute, stylishly written. He spends all this in writing ambitious Céline Sciamma, award-winning for its screenplay at Cannes, choice, most indicated that the staging, which suffers from a certain stiffness. The movie is a little bit theoretical, more interesting than moving.

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To avoid

• The Goldfinch , drama John Crowley, 2h 30min

The novel is rich, dense. The film is flat, missed. Donna Tartt has the same problem as John Irving: his books are resistant to adaptation. The story of this kid whose mother was killed by a bomb at the Metropolitan Museum is lost in flashbacks of awkward, bathed in a music dripping. Translate these pages into images was a mission impossible. A tip: go in a bookshop.