The America unquestionably dominates the beginning of the Festival, and by far, very far, even can say, as James Gray sends us to Ad Astra , with Brad Pitt. Since his first films, the producer of Little Odessa has continued to gain in size dramatically without losing any of its human density. After the Lost city of Z , Ad Astra is a sumptuous journey of initiation, which pushes the boundaries of space exploration to finally find not other lives intelligent, but the deep intelligence of our life.

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Brad Pitt, who is also the film’s producer, performer Roy, an astronaut, a quenching exceptional, sent on a mission up to Saturn to destroy a research program become destructive, because it causes overloading of electrical generating disasters on earth. However, this experimental program was carried out, years earlier, by the father of Roy, Clifford (Tommy Lee Jones), an astronaut passionate about …

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