The salon of Adolfo Kaminsky is too bright for someone who worked in the manufacture of false papers in the darkness of the laboratories. This know-how that the young resistant of the Second world War, deployed for nearly thirty years, has been immersed in the underground, where the honors to him were forbidden. A life led out of the legality that Adolfo Kaminsky does not regret: “I have saved thousands of lives,” boasts the man of 94 years, with his only eye valid a straightforward gaze, piercing.

Remained always in the shadow, his photographic work is exposed to the great day in the homes of the auditorium of the Museum of art and history of judaism. A tiny part, 70 shots, of a work of a lifetime kept in cardboard boxes: “These photographs, I could not take the risk of showing them, for my safety and the safety of the people that I was saving, I had to demonstrate absolute discretion.”

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