Advisor Johnson refused to resign because of a violation of the quarantine

Dominic Cummings, part of a “pool” of advisers to the head of the UK government, Boris Johnson, has violated a strict quarantine coronavirus. Thus at the fault the official did not consider your offense serious and says he will not be forced to resign, reports BBC News.

In March, Cummings, whom the media called “the right hand” Johnson, left London for 460 km, heading to the farm to relatives. Aware of this, the public became two months later, a scandal broke.

Cummings had to give explanations at a press conference. He said “no regrets” about the violation. The adviser explained that he was guided by concerns about the health of loved ones: if Cummings wife got sick COVID-19, their young son would be left unattended. So, the explanations of the assistant Johnson, the boy had to send to the grandparents.

“the Decision on my resignation can only take the Prime Minister”, — said Cummings, saying that on arrival in Durham settled separately from their parents.

He also complained of persecution. The British “came to my house with shouts and threats, also to the attacks I was called in social networks,” said associate of the Prime Minister.

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